Abacus For Kids


From sharpening the skillsets of children to making unlimited usage of the potentiality of the brain, abacus plays a major part in developing the perpetual capability of children, strengthening their overall performance in academics.

The training of abacus is called Abacus-based mental calculation (ABD).This high-level cognitive skill to run calculations with an effective algorithm has efficiently     proved to improve the brain functioning in kids. Long term exposure to ABC tend to show higher numerical memory capacity and have more effectively connected neural pathways.

To crack a plethora of mathematical manipulations, all that one needs to remember is the final position of the beads. Visualizing the abacus board in mind, along with the position of the last bead, any problem can be solved in no time! Any complex calculations can be cracked at a great speed this way.

Apart from academic growth, abacus training also increases memory and concentration power, mental capability and response speed.

Benefits of practicing Abacus, for kids

With various researches from the world’s most renowned institutions, it is scientifically proven that abacus perpetually develops the following aspects in humans.When a child works on the abacus, both the hands are used to move the beads. This coordination leads to the stimuli of right and the left brain simultaneously, resulting in the functioning of the entire brain.

Improved visualization and concentration: By imagining the abacus in mind to manipulate the numbers for prolonged periods of practice, there is an abundant increase in the kids’ focus levels- says researchers from the California University.

Logical Reasoning: Comparing to the non-abacus learners, children who practice abacus are found to have increased efficiency when it comes to logical reasoning. This not only applies to the basic math calculations, but also the fractions and other arithmetic’s where swift thinking plays a major role.

Photogenic memory: Improved memory power is always an unsaid advantage. Since practicing abacus involves visualizing the entire board including the positioning of beads, Children who practice abacus are speculated to exhibit anextraordinary range of memory levels. Also, this sensitive stimuli created in the brain, exuberantly extends to the capability to recall things easily.

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