Abacus Mental Arithmetic:

Recommended Age Group: 4 to 15 Years

Levels: 8 levels & Grandmaster level 1 & 2

Duration: Each level 3 months once in a weak 2 hours

Result: Improves Concentration, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Comprehension, Imagining Skills, Presentation and High Confidence Level

The advantage of  learning Abacus is that, it can help to calculate simple mathematical problems rapidly and accurately. Kids learning this can acquire the ability of doing mental maths utilising the abacus image, which allows quick calculations without actually using the ABACUS.

At the end of this programme, child can do common mathematical operations like  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of large numbers with greater speed and accuracy.

Know more benefits of Abacus 

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Singapore Math:

Recommended Age Group: 4 to 13 Years

Levels: 2 Prime Mathematics & 6 Alpha Mathematics

Duration: Each level 12 months (Varies based on the Speed of the child)

Result: The sequence of topics in Singapore math has been carefully constructed based upon child development theory. The means to mastery is problem solving, and the beauty of the approach is that the majority of students are well prepared to tackle increasingly difficult topics.

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Handwriting Course:

Recommended Age Group: 6 to 15 Years
Duration: 8-12 Weeks
Results: Improves Confidence in writing, Test Score and builds Skills like Sequential Memory

Handwriting is something that may be far ignored from  lot of people in today’s digitalised world where we work, study and communicate with computers and mobile devices, yet neat and legible handwriting is a challenge and concern of most of the parents and teachers.

Today, in this competitive world where Academic Results play a vital role in children’s future,  neat Hand writing and Speed writing is essential and is a must to score good marks in the examination.

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Spelling Bee:

Recommended Age Group: 5 to 12 Years

Levels: 4 levels

Duration: 20 Weeks

Result: Learn in Phonetic Method, helps students to improve their spellings, increase vocabulary skills

The importance of spelling has been questioned in recent years, as word processing programs are equipped with spell checkers, and some educational reformists have suggested that focusing on spelling holds back the creative processes of writing and that students will naturally develop spelling skills through reading.

However spelling improves reading and writing fluency and how it improves vocabulary and comprehension. AA Academy is working to guide and train students to improve their skills in English

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Vedic Maths:

Recommended Age Group: 12 to 20 Years
Levels: Basic & Advanced
Duration: 24 Weeks
Results: To Master arithmetic and logical skills, to improve concentration

Vedic Mathematics is more than just speed maths skills! It’s something very enchanting. It gives us an adrenaline rush each time we teach this to a group of students anywhere on the globe.

Vedic Maths is a magical tool through which we can change the world, one student at a time!

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Science & Technology Workshop:

Recommended Age Group: 6 to 15 Years
Duration: 20 Weeks
Results: Enhances Curiosity, Creativity, Problem solving Skills and Practical knowledge on basic science

This is an unique course on Science, design, innovation and technology. We uses a structured and logical approach towards problem solving and model making. In this 20 weeks workshop students create innovative working models using scientific concepts. The course bridges the gap between theory and practice and uses child friendly resources and tools.

The workshop includes model making, guidebook and interactive case study sessions on interesting innovations.

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