Summer Camp - 2018


Singapore math Program


Program Highlights:

  1. Problem Solving, Logical Thinking & Mental Math Training
  2. Understand Complicated Math Concepts in Visual Approach
  3. Encourage Algebraic Thinking, even among young learners
  4. Lecture-Style Interactive Class
  5. Small Group Learning for Individual Attention
  6. Weekly Homework

Why Singapore math way

Many parents concern that if Singapore math will confuse the student as they were taught in a different method in school. In fact, it is just opposite. Singapore math Model Method helps students to clarify the concepts when they have confusion by learning from school. Once after they have understood the concepts, they can always go back and use the method taught by school.

The usual method taught in school is abstract and if this is the only method being taught, many students have difficulty in solving problems. They will resort to learning by rote. On the other hand, the Singapore math Model Method makes use of a pictorial model to illustrate the concept. Explanations of solution steps are exceptionally clear.

Here is an example showing how model method can visually help students to understand addition.


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