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Role of Abacus in the Growth of a CHild


Dr Rashmi, as Founder and Chairperson of British Youth International College, an Educational Institution for Co-Curricular Training Program,  throws light on how training children in the ancient tool helps them,  apart from mathematics,  in their day to day life also.

Parents having recognized the problem that, children now are being more fascinated in playing with the smart gadgets, resulting in attention deficiency,    reduced learning capability, and hence an overall deterioration in the brain development itself,  are now turning to the ancient device,  Abacus, in order to enhance the cognitive abilities and brain power of their children.

Research indicates Abacus as an essential instrument for the mental development of a child due to its benefits in cognitive and logical thinking,  in improving memory, concentration level, academic performance, and life in general. Hence Abacus classes emerged and became popular.

Training on Abacus, besides strengthening the Child’s mathematical capability aids in facing worldly challenges. Major advantages of Abacus Training are:

  • Mathematical proficiency

Children feel mathematics as a difficult subject. Introduction of Abacus at an early age and regular practice of it and visualization, the child develops capability to perform mentally mathematical calculations.

  • Logical Understanding

Children trained for years in abacus,  are capable of applying logic based on the movement of beads not only in their early years but also in later life depending on the day to day situations in everyday life.

  • Sharpens Memory

Mind learns to avoid distraction while  doing mathematical calculations in the abacus trained children who become capable of High-level concentration. They move on to Visualisationtechniques which boosts concentration and  sharpens memory. Such children are ahead of non-abacus children while executing simple or tedious tasks.

  • Motor skills

The movement of beads in the abacus helps in stimulating organs in the brain, and hence in developing the gross motor skills of the child.

  • Develops analytical skills

Analytical skills to get simultaneously developed while training in Abacus, and hence the child quickly figures out the formula to be used. As a child grows, such analytical skills help them to apply in real-life situations.

  • Spatial reasoning

As a multi-sensory tool, Abacus, demonstrates children to equate physical objects with abstract thinking , and in turn builds up their spatial reasoning and imagination.

The author concludes that all the benefits of the Abacus course contributes in nurturing the mathematical skills in the young children, and prepares them to face bigger challenges, by applying these skills ,   successfully.  Children solving mathematical problems using abacus, can also hone their critical- thinking skills and analytical skills.

Courtesy from: https://www.dailypioneer.com/2021/vivacity/abacus-for-your-child—s-growth.html

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