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AA Academy, pioneers in Abacus Education, believes in imparting the best when it comes to Mental Arithmetic Tutoring. We believe in constant engagement with our parents and kids, listening to feedback and accentuating on the same with the best possible results. Focusing on value added education, we thrive to inculcate what our outgoing students need to thrive in the fast-paced world today. Our academy is here for the clientele to ensure end-to-end skills required for our future leaders to shine in this competitive environment.

"My daughter prithika has been attending abacus classes in A A academy from the last 8 months and she is currently in level 4. She looks forward to attend the class and she enjoy the class a lot. Shilpa mam is very friendly with the kids and is very good at explaining the concepts. We have seen a lot of improvement in prithika after taking up these classes.The concepts she is learning are helping her in her regular academics. Thanks to A A academy and I strongly recommend this institute who is looking to join their kids for abacus classes..."

Prithika Chowdary

National Public School
"Pradyumna has been in Abacus and Spelling Bee programs with AA Academy for 8 months now and loves the fact that he comprehends much better and can do math much faster at school. A special thanks to the teachers who taught him so effectively, efficiently and effortlessly on an online platform."

Pradyumna Velandy

ASPAM Indian International School, Sharjah
"Thank you for your teaching. It is an amazing experience to learn from you ma'am. Thank you for everything. We loved it completely."

Amogh Sai

Sri Kumarans Children Home
"My daughter Tanishka M is in 7th level now. We are fine with the timings ,teachings and the test conducted. Only thing I feel is, all the levels are going bit slow. Other than that, I am fine with everything."


Aurobindo Memorial school
"My son has been learning Abacus from Aa Academy . Miss Manasa (his Abacus teacher) has incredible gift for teaching. She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons are engaging, useful, and is very patient with everyone in class always encouraging her students to try. My son thoroughly enjoys learning Abacus. She’s great at building confidence. It's been 3years since he started learning and every week looks forward for his class.I would highly recommend AA Academy and Miss Manasa to anyone interested in learning Abacus."

Hari krishna kumar

Vibgyor High
"AA Academy is doing wonderful job and we can see so much of improvement in his Maths. He is always excited to complete his Abacus homework first and to attend the classes on time. Also Manasa teacher gives special attention towards each student we like her teaching method. The way they motivate & encourage children to perform better after every level is very encouraging. Thank you AA Academy and to all staff member to who always keep interacting with us for any concerns, information on time."

Amit Khannurkar

Vibgyor School, Bangalore
"I am mother of J.kavin karthik who is doing abacus second level in AA academy..I should say before joining the class we parents were not sure of how it's going to be..as it's online and how the kid will catch up the concept etc..but to the contrary we could see our son was able to catch up well..I should thank the teacher Mrs.sunita jain who really holds the kid’s attention on the class with her teaching…making it no different from face to face learning..I should really say we are happy about the teaching which is so professional and experienced ..so would recommend it highly .Also I should thank the friend who recommended this institute for us."

J. Kavin Karthik

Bright Riders school, Abudhabi
"Abacus has been one of the most helpful techniques I learnt. I took up all the basic level from 1-10 about a decade back. But even to this day, I use it regularly. It helps not just in maths but also in memory. Plus it is fun. During my time at AA Academy, I had fun learning and being competitive. It is definitely a must skill for all the younger generation kids to take up to develop their abilities and skills to a whole new level. Thank you AA academy for this wonderful experience."

Nidhi Nagabhushan

B Tech Student
"Aaradhya is very happy with the abacus class and has improved a lot."

Aaradhya bajaj

Headstart educational academy
"It is one of the Best Academies in Bangalore very well trained teachers especially Shilpa ma'am. The Abacus classes have really helped my child in improving his mental maths skills and his speed in calculations. Thanks for all the efforts put in by Shilpa ma'am and other staff."

Tanush Guntur

Greenwood High International School, Bangalore.
"We are happy with the abacus classes conducted by AA Academy. The teacher is very competent and gives tips to speed up the child’s work. This will go a long in helping them quickly finish any task assigned to them in both academics and personal front. Thanks once again!"


Nps indiranagar
"Hi, My son is pursuing his 5th Level Abucus classes in AA Academy and his teacher is Mrs Sunita Solanki. I can see that he is enjoying the classes with his teacher and getting more interested and confident in mathematics calculations and mental maths. I am thankful to Sunita ma'am who is handling the kids the correct way along with her excellent teaching. She is the one who made Soham love Abucus. His calculation ability has improved alot by attending the classes. I am looking forward to see him participating in Abacus related competition and achieve success. Thanks"

Soham Nandy

Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore
"About the institute and classes: Abhigna has enjoyed attending the online abacus classes at Aaacademy, Bangalore. Teachers are very experienced, highly dedicated, and Sunitha madam (who is the current abacus teacher) is extremely good at teaching different concepts in abacus. I would recommend Aaacademy for kids wanting to learn different programs here."

Abhigna Vasuki

International School of Gothenburg Region, Sweden
"Experienced teachers, Knowledge oriented syllabus, Systematic teaching and Flexible timings - that's my opinion of AA Academy. We definitely recommend AA Academy for anyone interested in learning Abacus."


Senthil Kumar, Pennsylvania
"I am Kiran C, started learning abacus at the age of 13 and completed all certifications, post abacus I learnt Vedic Math’s and attended memory classes as well. The said courses were completed 15 years back. Even till date, i.e. at the age of 30, I use all the techniques which were learned in Abacus, Vedic Math’s in my day to day office work as I deal with numbers. Learning Abacus and Vedic math’s had been always a fun and the classes were very lively. I would always recommend all the students to learn Abacus and Vedic Math’s which would help them. Also, I worked as a teacher for Abacus and Vedic Math’s at AA Academy. AA Academy believes in quality teaching and strong foundations for students. The Foundation is strong techniques learnt in Abacus and Vedic Math’s will be used in their day to day life. I would like to Thank AA Academy for the wonderful learning experience for me while as a student and providing me an Opportunity to teach and share my learning with students while working as a teacher."

Kiran C

Sabre Travel Technologies
"I joined AA Academy when I was in 2nd standard. Abacus has helped a lot throughout my academic career, securing good marks at every step of it. Habit of solving a problem in a given amount of time has made me do each work as fast as I can with 100% accuracy. Various programs at AA Academy has not only helped me improve my concentration level and memory power but also my self-confidence and personality. I am truly grateful for AA Academy for helping me learn these life skills at a very young age."

Divyashree Sharma

Cognizant Technologies
"As a student at AA academy, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my work. I started my marvelous journey in Abacus at the age of 11 at a top esteemed institution like AA Academy. The course was four years in total to achieve the pinnacle of success in Abacus learning and throughout, the instructors were patient, understanding, and highly skilled. The class size allowed for more than one on one attention and in particular, the instructors had a very composed technique in instilling the knowledge in students . The care about how each student is doing within the coursework and whether they understand, is an attributable factor for AA Academy and I can vouch for it's credibility even today post 20 years of growth in India. AA Academy has played a very important role in my career trajectory and has helped me achieve what I am today. My sincere thanks to the whole team and looking forward to their exponential growth in the coming years"

Naveen Ravishankar

Barclays Investment bank
"Dhruva has improved a lot after taking up abacus classes. He still has to improve on his speed. Sunita Ma'am is a really good teacher. She has taught Dhruva to focus and also to increase his speed in calculations. Thanks to her, Allirani Ma'am and AA academy"

Dhruva Krishnan Vishvanath

Dubai scholars private school
"I can't praise this program enough. It is great for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another. Abacus classes proved to be very helpful for my child Atharva as he learnt concepts of math in a fun, engaging way. Abacus helped Atharva in a lot of ways as he no longer finds maths uninteresting or boring. By learning how to do faster and accurate calculations, Abacus has resulted in boosting my son's confidence. Special thanks to Shilpa madam for encouraging Atharva and making learning maths fun! Would definitely recommend that other kids give this a try and boost their maths skills too."

Atharva Shailesh Rao

"My son Yeshwath has been taking up math and spellbee classes in your academy! There is a stark difference in his attitude and speed off calculation in Math before and after joining the classes! Math has become one of his favourite subjects! :) His grip on English language has increased by leaps and bounds! The confidence with which he speaks in English is hard to miss! I would like to thank AA Academy and the teachers whom my son is fortunate to come across, for this positive change! It is evident that he is always eager to attend his classes which shows how much he loves attending his classes and never gets bored!"

Sagala Yeshwath

Euro School