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Apart from Abacus we offer specially designed programs such as Singapore Math, Vedic Math, Spelling Bee, Handwriting, and Midbrain activation to children of age group 4 to 15 years.

Abacus Mental Arithmetics

Age Group: 4 to 15 Years
Levels: 8 levels & Grandmaster level 1 & 2
Duration: Each level 4 months once in a week 2 hours
Result: Improves Concentration, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Comprehension, Imagining Skills, Presentation and High Confidence Level

Learning Abacus can help calculate simple mathematical problems rapidly and accurately. Kids acquire the ability of performing arithmetic mentally using abacus images without physically using the ABACUS that allows fast calculations.

At the end of this program, the child performs addition, subtraction, and division of very large numbers with greater speed and accuracy.

Singapore Math

Age Group: 5 to 14 Years
Levels: 5 levels
Duration: Each level 12 months (Varies based on the Speed of the child)
Result: Learns math concepts as opposed to memorization of rules and formulas.Strong foundation so that relearning of concepts is not required.

Singapore math develops mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. Builds deep conceptual understanding as children progress from concentrate to pictorial to abstract thinking using manipulatives and discover, explain, and reflect on their understanding. The sequence of topics in Singapore math has been carefully constructed based upon child development theory.

Handwriting Course

Age Group: 6 to 15 Years
Levels: n/a
Duration: 16 Weeks
Result: Improves Confidence in writing, Test Score and builds Skills like Sequential Memory.

Handwriting is something that may be far ignored by a lot of people in today’s digitalized world where we work, study, and communicate with computers and mobile devices, yet neat and legible handwriting is a challenge and concern for most of the parents and teachers.

Today, in this competitive world where academic results play a vital role in children’s future, legible handwriting and speed writing is essential and is a must to score good marks in the examination

Spelling Bee

Age Group: 5 to 12 Years
Levels: 5 levels
Duration: Each level 20 Weeks
Result: Learn in Phonetic Method, helps students to improve their spellings, increase vocabulary skills.

Phonics has additional benefits that go beyond reading and writing. Phonic education helps children be imaginative and empathetic. Phonics as a key element in helping children to become successful readers. Phonics is an important tool to develop reading fluency.

Vedic Math

Age Group: above 11 years
Levels: 3 Levels
Duration: Each Level 16 Weeks
Result: To Master arithmetic and logical skills, to improve concentration.

Vedic math helps you understand complex calculations from a different perspective and shorten the time of calculations. It reduces the burden of memorizing difficult concepts. It helps in making intelligent decisions to both simple and complex problems.

Midbrain Activation

Age Group: 7 yrs to 15 yrs
Levels: n/a
  • First 2 classes 5 hrs hours each session
  • Next 4 classes 2 hrs hours each session
Result: Enables you to unleash the often-unexplored part of your brain and to optimize the functions of the brain.

Midbrain activation training adaption age group is 8 to 16 years because at this age it is easier to absorb new things and it is easy to adapt to new ways of learning. Regardless of the current academic standards of the child, the mid brain activation will further strengthen and improve their ability.

The children can apply concentrated force and send out brain waves. They will be able to see the object blind folded. They develop a unique perspective that enhances their ability to learn and improves their personality. Training the young minds to learn new things, whether academically, in sports or other extracurricular activities will sound simple enough. And it can be that simple with the revolutionary new technique of midbrain activation.

Once the midbrain is activated children will have easy access to both the left and right brain, they will be able to learn, read and memorize things in a much faster speed and thus boosting their confidence, interest, and concentration in learning.