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Our staff undoubtedly consists of highly experienced and talented teachers who love children.

Allirani Agatheeswaran

Founder and Teacher

Allirani is the founder and director of AA Academy which was founded in 2000. She has a science degree and a certified trainer for all the courses offered in AA Academy. She always wants to bring the best in children. She teaches with great enthusiasm and creativity. She makes sure that all her staff is trained at par.

Abacus, Singapore Math, Spelling Bee, Vedic Maths, Handwriting, Mid Brain Activation.

Manasa Jagdeesh


She has a Master degree in science from Bangalore University and a bachelor' degree in Education. During my carrier, She has worked as a teacher in ICSE schools teaching science.

She enjoys working with children where she can bring her passion and sense of humor to the classroom. She strive to find new and diffrent ways to deliver concept so that its more interesting to the students. As an educator, she wish to cultivate motivation in students that will make them want to succeed. She is a qualified course instructor for all the programmes.

Abacus, Singapore Math, Vedic Math

S Sunita Jain


Sunita is associated with AA Academy since 2009. She has a graduate degree in mathematics. She started on her journey with abacus eventually trained in Vedic mathematics, Singapore mathematics, spelling bee and handwriting.

She makes learning math easy and effective and always encourages kids. Being around children encourages her to learn every single day.

She is a qualified Instructor for all the programmes.

Abacus, Singapore Math, Spelling Bee, Vedic Maths, Handwriting

Shilpa P Sharma


Shilpa is associated with AA Academy since 2015 as a qualified course instructor for abacus from basic to advance levels. Beside abacus she also teaches Singapore Math and Spell Bee. She has graduate degree in science from University of Mysore and with a certified course in Computer Applications. She worked as a software tester in Wisesoft Consulting India for 4 years before joining AA Academy.

She designs and integrates concepts with child friendly methodology to develop interest in students

Abacus, Singapore Math, Spelling Bee

Tejaswini Hampiholi


Tejaswini has been associated with AA Academy more than 7 years. She has a master’s in English and has a certification in Pre-School (Montessori) Teachers Training. She is deeply passionate about teaching specially Maths and English. She also enjoys being with children. Her lessons are interesting and creative.

Singapore Math, Spelling Bee, Vedic Maths

Nethravathi T


Nethra has been with AA Academy since 2007. She has a bachelor’s degree in arts and handles all the administrative jobs. She is very patient with parents and kids.

Coordination and Administration