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Ripple effects of Abacus Learning.


Ripple effects of Abacus Learning.

Let us explore the Research study made on the effects of Abacus Learning from the perspective of a Psychologist by Ms ShizkuoAmaiwa, Professor, Shinsu University, Faculty of Education.

Her studies show that abacus study, besides improving the calculating ability byway of abacus and mentally also have beneficial ripple effects on other disciplines of Education.

Improvement of numerical memory is the First Ripple effect of Abacus Learning. This is demonstrated by making the students remember up to 8 digit numbers read aloud to them and then recite the memorized numbers orally. The accuracy of memory of the number of digits is very high among Abacus learning students when compared with non-abacus students of the same age group.

Scoring high marks, is the second ripple beneficial effect. This is due to improvement in learning by way of spatial arrangement by training to obtain the abacus image visually.

Ability in solving general mathematical problems is the third beneficial ripple effect.

Her investigation among the third-grade students shows that students,  who had a year of study of Abacus were able to score high marks compared to non-abacus students by accurate and rapid calculation of mathematical problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication of one digit to multi-digit numbers and fill in the blank problems.

On the higher grade level, advanced abacus learners proved their ability in certain types of mathematical problems like arranging in order among various sizes including whole and 3 or 4 digit numbers with decimal points in it, calculation of numbers by choosing the correct answer among multiple choices.

Besides the ability to calculate mathematical problems rapidly and accurately the abacus learners acquire the ability to perform quick mental calculations utilising the abacus image, without actually using the abacus.

Courtesy from https://www.shuzan.jp/english/brian

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