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Right Brain working for Abacus Learners


Ms Kimiko Kawano, a  Researcher has been studying for the past ten years, the behaviour of  Brain waves (EEG Electroencephalography) among students by subjecting them to various kinds of brain activities like listening to music or calculating mathematical problems. Their statistical analysis confirmed the hypothesis that the right side of the brain is active in images realization, music and the left brain is active while doing a mathematical calculation.

On the request of a TV program, they measured the brain waves for  Abacus  Champions, analysis was made for a Middle school  Abacus Champion student during mental calculations and obtained a highly unexpected results. 

Brain waves neural activity.

Normally Left Temporal Brain region is used for calculation, however in the Abacus champion case the left temporal region was almost entirely unused, and the brain waves appeared in the right occipital region. This says that the student used the right brain for calculation. The investigation was made for a number of higher ranks among Abacus users and had similar results with very little individual changes. On inquiring with them, they found that during calculating the image of the abacus beads moved in their heads rapidly.

Verbal processing

Abacus students use,  even for verbal problem solving,   using the image of Abacus in their heads. And not as words which is proved by the EEGs.

Visualising ability in the Abacus students is made use in other subjects like the ability to memorise the page of a textbook or years in history. This shows that ability of the Abacus students can be used in different ways.

Not only among the Champions but even with the beginners of abacus learners,   do addition subtraction very quickly as with the feeling of the quick movement of beads in front of their eyes even without the abacus board in front of them. They will be more confident in applying this visualizing approach in other subjects and the Researcher predicted, the abacus study will induce human inspiration and creativity.

Courtesy from https://www.shuzan.jp/english/brian

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