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ABACUS- A must for Right Brain working


Dr Toshio Hayashi, Doctor of Engineering, Director of Research Institute of Advance  Science and Technology in his Lecture on August 24, 2000 brings out beautifully why it is necessary for the children to become Abacus Learners at a very early age as it will help them to develop their Right Brain activity

His research is on saving patients against diseases and make them lead happy and a healthy life. As Worrying is the cause of illness, medical research indicates that influences on different diseases is in the way patients deal with their state of minds. Active minded people maintain their youthful energy longer. So what can we do to increase our brain activity?

Right  brain development

At an early stage of the embryo development itself Human brain is created. Cerebral nerve cells are also made before the birth of a child.

The brain stem controlling necessary survival functions like heart and internal organs, and cerebral Archicortex controlling instincts like appetite, desire sleep and emotions(pleasant or unpleasant feelings, fear and anger etc)  are all built within the womb itself. Whereas, it is the cerebral neocortex,  which humans have very highly developed nerve cells of the order of 14 billion nerve cells, are not fully functional at the time of birth,  needs appropriate stimuli as they grow up to develop these nerve cells in the neocortex.

Archicortexis more or less has completed growth,  before birth, such a child needs to be loved for its further growth of archicortex. In turn, Goodarchicortex will help in activating neocortex very efficiently neocortex.

Why  Activation of nerve cells in the Neocortex 

Nerve cells in the Neocortex consists of 14 billion sets of motor nerves and sensory nerves. These sets create network synapses in which they contact each other and make up a living nervous system. SO the importance is how many sets of nerve cells can we activate in our lives. We can activate the nerve cells by providing “Stimuli”.  Activation of nerves of sensory to motor domains in the cerebral neocortex is largely improved by  Finger movements and talking aloud. Thus abacus learning in a fun way as young as possible is highly beneficial inactivating the brains of young children.

Right brain development  by abacus method

The left brain of the human referred as Digital brain controls reading writing, calculation and thinking.

The right brain of the human referred as Analog Brain controls three-dimensional sense, creativity and artistic senses.  On aging, a person is less likely to get dementia if their right brain is trained. Dr . Toshio recommends to introduce the abacus method of mental calculation as learners learn to manipulate the abacus beads in their head for carrying out a calculation and it is done in the right brain or analog brain. The research studies, with the help of machines developed to measure the blood flow in the brain,  have proved that abacus method of mental calculation is highly effective in activating the right brain. Hence Dr. Toshio requests all abacus teachers to teach all learners the abacus method of mental calculation to master a heal

Courtesy from https://www.shuzan.jp/english/brian

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